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Children Love To Dance -MTA Love to Teach!

Our new "Ballet Tots" program means your children can now join our school from the age of two and a half to take part in classes that focus on learning through play. Ballet Tots teach the skills of ballet and tap while developing musicality, posture, rhythm, and many life skills including confidence, good manners and working with others in a positive way.

Children and young people of all ages benefit from our dance instruction that maximises enjoyment and potential. We cover many dance styles including Ballet , Tap, Lyrical/ Contemporary/jazz, Commercial/Street through NATD and ISTD syllabus offering internationally-recognised qualifications right through to dance teacher status and beyond.

MTA  lessons take place in beautifully appointed dance studios and a hi-tech theatre so young dancers learn immediately with professionals in a professionally-equipped environment.

Classes are available on Saturdays and weekdays with fees starting from just £4.00 per lesson.

MTA select only the most highly skilled teachers to provide a most safe, welcoming and nurturing environment that encourages all students to express themselves to the best of their abilities and so achieve excellent grades.

When you introduce your children to dance at Mainstream, you will automatically give them a route to strong social development, a fun way to keep fit, the chance to perform in fantastic shows, and the opportunity to achieve internationally recognised qualifications that provide the foundation towards a future career.

At MTA Dance Academy, your children will also make many new friends, and share wonderful experiences for memories that last a lifetime.

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